Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ramos W30HD Died

Well using my tablet like normal Saturday browsing the internet and doing a couple emails with my Bluetooth keyboard. Nothing really seemed out of the ordinary. Put it on its charger that night and woke up Sunday and nothing. Wouldn't turn on. Tried the reset switch and all the button combinations I could think of. Now my theory is either the cheap US Charger Ramos shipped to me with it died or worse yet something inside the Tablet is shot. Ordered a new charger so I'm waiting for that to arrive, and if that doesn't work, I'll pop it open to see if I can't find anything physically shorted/disconnected inside the Tablet. If not I'm just gonna consider it a paper weight because just emailing with Ramos set my bar pretty low for their customer service so I'm not really expecting them to actually honor a warranty but who knows I might be wrong, and I might give that a try if all else fails.

In the mean time with the Ramos W30HD down, and possibly for the count, strolled into Bestbuy yesterday and picked up an Asus Vivotab RT with the keyboard dock included and I'm hoping to have a review of that in the next coming days. 1st impressions, after only using it for about half a day so far, is I like it a lot. My feelings is most reviews sites are full of themselves when they bash Windows RT for not running like the laptop/desktop Windows 8 versions. If you need legacy apps get a laptop because on your tablet it woud be a pain navigating legacy Windows Apps anyway. Anyway check back periodically and I'll try to update everyone about my Ramos and the fate of it and my new favorite toy the Vivotab.


  1. Try this:

    Hold a pin in the reset hole for about 10 a 15 second. Then press the outer volume button + power button at the same time ( hold for a while both ).

    Think its the new firmware, as my W30HD has also been locking up a lot these days. And this combination is the only way to bring it back to life. Hell it locked up only 15 min ago, when syncing large amounts of comics over comicrack.

    I hope this helps.

    1. Hi Benjiro, you're a legend. I got the same issue with my Ramos W30HD today and stumbled across this post, followed your instruction and brought my Ramos back up.

      Thank you so much. How did you know that? Is it in the manual?

    2. For 10 months this tablet has sat in a box unable to turn on. The day after I buy a Note I come across this blog post. Thanks man. It kind of works out as now the note is restricted to me only.

  2. After all, would you recommend Ramos W30HD? :)

    Can I simply ask were the initial problems solved? No black screen while playing video, no big SW/HW issues? I'm going to China in a day for very short and want to buy a deal-breaker tablet there.

    Actually, that's the only tablet running on Exynos quad-core and HD (1920x1200) available in China. The same device was used to build italian Kite NIbbio HD, dual-boot Ubuntu/Android tablet. Does it work? On Samsung devices, like Note, the same SoC is used only up to 720p. Perhaps there is a reason why.

    Ramos W30HD fits into the description I'm looking for.

    - Quad-core A9 Rock 3188 or Exynos 4412 CPU,
    - 10,1" or 9,7" HD/retina resolution 1920x1200 or 2048x1536
    - 2GB RAM
    - Bluetooth
    - HW volume buttons
    - sleek/thin design
    - better battery (>7,500 mAh)
    - smaller bezel if possible
    - black or silver if possible
    - USB charging as well, if possible

    If you can, help me out, I narrowed my list to these models:
    - Ramos WD30HD
    - Pipo M6 (newcomer, M9 in low-res was very popular, good reviews)
    - Visture V97HD

    Any hints? :)

    1. Honestly it was a neat experiment but just like anything cheap you get from China it's all a roll of the dice. If I had gotten one that was flawless sure it would've been my tablet of choice and I would recommend it a million times over.

      The Nibbio would be neat but I can't see how easy it would be trying to manipulate a Linux desktop environment on a Tablet. It would be fairly easy to port Linux even onto the Ramos IF Ramos gave up their Sourcecode as Android is just a very modified version of Linux optimized for smaller touchscreens.

      What happened to mine was I got a crummy power charger which fried and then fried the battery so I had to get both replaced. After that I just gave it away to a friend of mine he's been enjoying it a lot but I moved on to Windows RT and really enjoying that platform.

      As far as I know the problems still haven't been solved, BUT there was a recent firmware update about 1 week ago that could've solved the problems. I haven't had a chance to update my now freind's Ramos to see for myself what they changed. If the translated changelog is right they only changed 1 thing security wise and that's it.

      In my opinion you can roll the dice with a Ramos and who knows maybe get a flawless unit but you still have to wait for the Firmware update to 4.1 to I think really flush out the software problems. My Co-Worker has had great luck with Pipo tablets even our local Bestbuy sells a few of them and he hasn't had a problem with 3 he's bought so far. As for Visture I have no clue never heard of them so I'd approach them with caution, but then again I could be wrong. If I was to roll the dice again on a cheap Chinese Tablet I'd focus my attention on the Pipo M6. I'd stay away from anything with the quad core A31 as I've heard nothing but horror stories from those devices and they sound to me nothing but chipset related so nothing even a software patch can fix.

  3. Thank you for the very nice reply, explains a lot. I was very eager to see Ramos working, since it was the first Chinese HD tablet, then even sold as white-label "Nibbio". I thought they would solve the issues from Jan to June and have a flawless platform in 6 months. I saw your posts about their crappy support.

    On the other hand, a lot of people are happy with their Pipo M9 and M8 pro. There is a newcomer, Pipo M6 mentioned, their first HD screen on a Rock quad A9 SoC. It hit the Chinese market in late May, and in US from June, 1st. No reviews yet nowhere. One YT video presenting M6, out of focus. (On that video: I think YT didn't work!) Should I go after the "brand name" and get it? :)

    Wishful thinking:
    - XDA (or similar) support (like ROMs, problems solving, tweaks, maybe even running Ubuntu on it)
    - manufacturer's support in FW updates

    These models have specs I'd like (Rock or Exynos Quad A9, HD, BT):

    a) iPad format (4:3), retina (2048x1536): e.g. Visture V79HD, Pipo M6, Cube U9GT5/U9GTV, Yuandao Vido N90 FHD, Hyundai Play X900 , Freelander PD800, Ainol Novo9, Aoson M33

    b) Nexus format (16:10), HD (1920x1200): e.g. Ramos W30HD (Samsung SoC), Cube U30GT2 (ugly), Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD (expensive)

  4. An update:

    ^ There was only ONE Exynos tablet with HD resolution: Ramos W30HD, which had problems I read about here on blog a lot. Samsung never used Exynos 4412 in HD on their tablets; Note runs up to 720p for instance.

    Finally, today I saw even Ramos is dropping Samsung Exynos 4412 ARM Cortex A9 quad core processor! They announced Ramos W30HD Pro, exactly the same as Ramos W30HD in specs, only with Rockchip quad A9, used in all other Chinese tablets having HD (1920x1200 or 2048x1536).

    Since I'm looking for tablet in HD, there is no choice other than Rock3188, which is not as smooth, I agree, even not much powerful than Rock dual core. I guess Android still doesn't optimize in using quad cores, or Samsung didn't release all the code. I dunno.

    I'm looking for something flawless to buy NOW, like tomorrow. :)