Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ramos W30HD Died

Well using my tablet like normal Saturday browsing the internet and doing a couple emails with my Bluetooth keyboard. Nothing really seemed out of the ordinary. Put it on its charger that night and woke up Sunday and nothing. Wouldn't turn on. Tried the reset switch and all the button combinations I could think of. Now my theory is either the cheap US Charger Ramos shipped to me with it died or worse yet something inside the Tablet is shot. Ordered a new charger so I'm waiting for that to arrive, and if that doesn't work, I'll pop it open to see if I can't find anything physically shorted/disconnected inside the Tablet. If not I'm just gonna consider it a paper weight because just emailing with Ramos set my bar pretty low for their customer service so I'm not really expecting them to actually honor a warranty but who knows I might be wrong, and I might give that a try if all else fails.

In the mean time with the Ramos W30HD down, and possibly for the count, strolled into Bestbuy yesterday and picked up an Asus Vivotab RT with the keyboard dock included and I'm hoping to have a review of that in the next coming days. 1st impressions, after only using it for about half a day so far, is I like it a lot. My feelings is most reviews sites are full of themselves when they bash Windows RT for not running like the laptop/desktop Windows 8 versions. If you need legacy apps get a laptop because on your tablet it woud be a pain navigating legacy Windows Apps anyway. Anyway check back periodically and I'll try to update everyone about my Ramos and the fate of it and my new favorite toy the Vivotab.