Saturday, January 5, 2013

Guide To Rooting The Ramos W30HD

Really really easy to Root the Ramos W30HD. Sorry if these instructions come off as condescending but you have to write these things for people totally new to modifying their device. YMMV when doing this and I'm not responsible for any bricked devices.

*UPDATE 2/18/2013* With the new Firmware that was published I can confirm at least on my tablet this root method still works exactly the same without issue on mine.

*UPDATE* If you find that your Gmail does not work afterwards and you don't want to use the built in Email Client you can download this APK either download it from your tablet or onto a SD Card and install it. I can't confirm if my Gmail worked before I rooted my Ramos I never tried it until after I rooted it so I don't know the cause of it not working.

1: Download SuperUser here. It's under ARM Devices. I used 3.2-RC3.

2: Take your Super User Zip File and put it onto a MicroSD Card

3: On the back side of your W30HD on the top is two little notches on a plastic cover. Push up/away from the tablet to reveal the MicroUSB Connector.

4: The slot right next to the Headphone Jack closer to the back side of your tablet is your MicroSD Card Slot. With the name of the card facing the back of the of the tablet and the notched part facing the MicroUSB Connector push the card in.

5: Power the tablet down.

6: Hold the volume up and down buttons at the same time and power on the device while holding them down. You can release everything when you see CWM-Based Recovery at the top.

7: Using your volume Up + Down keys to navigate, navigate till "apply update from external storage" is highlighted then press the power button.

8: Navigate to your Superuser zip for Superuser 3.2 it's and press the power button.

9: Wait for it to complete then select reboot device and press the power button.

10: Congrats you should be rooted. Download Root Check if you want to verify.



  1. please a Guide To Rooting The Ramos W28!!

  2. Hi. I can't start CWM to update from SD card... I have just bought a W30HD and it came with the firmware from 201212xx.

    I have tried to start the unit pressing power and volume up and down pressed att the same time. I have also tried to start with only power and volume up or down. The unit always starts like no button is pressed.

    I have compared with similar (w30hd) units on my job and they show "update" for a second or start CWM.

    It can read SD-card because i have tested with a movie on the card. I work like charm except for 720 videos in fullscreen in a browser.

    Is there any other way to update the unit except for power+volume buttons ?

    I checked the unit with a memory app and it showed "Not Rooted" ??

    1. Sorry it took a while Honken to get back to you. If you haven't found a solution I think I may have one. Download the Android Windows SDK found here: or wherever. You can use ADB to restart the device to recovery and maybe the boot loader when I tried I think I saw the update text flash not 100% sure. Extract the SDK anywhere really and run the SDK Manager and just update everything that is already installed you shouldn't need to install anything else. Now navigate click on SDK and then platform-tools. So now that you are in the platform tools folder you should see ADB near the top. Now depending on your operating system you need to open a command prompt here. With Windows 7 it's rather easy just hold shift and right click anywhere other than a file and select "Open Command Window Here." Make sure USB debugging is enabled on the tablet under Settings and Developer Options. Plug your tablet in and in that command window you opened for ADB type in "adb devices" obviously without the quotation marks and a device should show up on the list. If not you need the Android USB Drivers that I believe you can download using the SDK Manager not 100% sure my PC just had them already prolly from rooting a lot of phones with it. After the device shows up on ADB type in "adb reboot bootloader" which should power off the tablet and restart it in upgrade mode briefly and if you have the USB Card correctly formatted it should update. If you want to reboot into CWM just use adb again and type "adb reboot recovery" Hopefully this somewhat helps you solve the problem.